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1. Language tutoring sessions
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1. Language tutoring sessions 2. Conversation workshops 3. Exam preparation

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Fulbright distinguished award in teaching

FDAT is the flagship international educational exchange program supported by the U.S. Department of State.

13 years of language teaching experience

Teaching experience in elementary, middle and higher education in Mexico, United States of America and France.

expert in virtual learning

Research on the design and development of globally networked learning environments for foreign language learning.

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Go to the contact section of this site and send us a message detailing what language you would like to improve. Let us know if you are interested in tutoring sessions, conversation workshops or exam preparation. 

An expert of our team will contact you to schedule an online meeting. The meeting will be carried out via Zoom and it will take about 30 minutes max. 

You will discuss with the expert your needs, objectives and possible schedules. The expert will assess your language level and will share all details about our services. 

According to the information you shared in the meeting, we will customize your program to your specific needs. We will send you an email including the details, objectives, schedule, cost and bank information. 

Start your program! We will keep track of your progress and will send you feedback reports. 


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